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Create custom videos with music and edit the videos with cool effects, utilize features to share creative videos

Create custom videos with music and edit the videos with cool effects, utilize features to share creative videos

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Program license: Free

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Works under: Android

Also available for Windows


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Program by Inc

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Also available for


Windows is a social app that is designed to let users record lip-sync videos that can easily be shared on social media. This app is basically Instagram for short videos of users syncing their actions and speech with popular quotes and songs.

The app is entirely free to download, and users can create an account with their existing Twitter or Facebook credentials. Videos that are shared through the app are called musicals, and users can browse through the most popular new musicals or create their own using the app after they have created an account.

Creation within the app is exceptionally flexible. You can either select a song and then lip-sync over it, or you can upload a previously recorded video and put a musical track behind it. Music tracks can be cut down to the exact moment that is desired for the video, and the app can support clips up to 15 seconds in length.

There are multiple speeds at which the app can record lip-syncs, and those varying speeds create a number of interesting effects. Epic mode will have the song play much faster than it normally does, which creates a video that appears to be in slow motion. Lapse mode does the opposite, creating videos that seem to be sped up.

One of the most interesting features of this app is the ability to add effects after the video has been recorded. Filters can be used to create special visual effects, and other tools are available that affect the time scale of the video. You can have the video play in reverse, or you can add time traps that create stress points within the standard playback of a video. If you want to share your creation, you can do so using the integrated connection to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the platform.

Much like other image sharing platforms, there is a strong social aspect to Users can find friends and interesting accounts to follow, and you can post videos that will hopefully spur others to follow you. There is a live feed that constantly updates when new musicals are added, and they can be Liked just like photos on Facebook or Instagram. The system uses hashtags to track popular videos and themes, much like Twitter. This allows users to create content specific to trending themes.

If you have ever wanted to try making your own lip-sync videos, this app is the way to go. It takes no time to learn, and there is a large active community of users who can provide inspiration for new videos. Older users might notice that the social aspect is geared toward a younger crowd, but that shouldn't stop them from engaging. Even though this app only provides a single function, it has essentially mastered that function.


  • Excellent Sharing Tools
  • Simple To Learn
  • Intuitively Designed


  • Lacks Longevity
  • Small User Base

Musically is a great new app for the Android that allows you to show off your lip syncing ability. You will find videos available and then lip sync to your hearts contents. It is an app that is based upon the Instagram concept, making it great for sharing videos with all of your friends and followers.

Musically works by allowing to create musicals that consists of the lip syncs made by other users, and quotes as well. It is very fun and easy to used. The recording tool couldn’t b e more convenient, and its social component makes interaction with friends a breeze.

Musically is a fun app that is used to create music videos that are shared on social media.

You can use the app by lip-syncing to some of your favorite songs as well as the top songs that are programmed with the app. Each video will last for about 15 seconds.